74th Annual Opening of the Beaches Parade

The City of Jacksonville Beach welcomes you to the 74th Annual Opening of the Beaches Parade! This FREE, family-friendly event "officially" starts the beach season. It is the City's purpose to make this parade an expression of pride and community spirit of the beach's residents.


Apr 26 2020


2:00 pm


Beaches Town Center
1 Atlantic Blvd, Neptune Beach, FL, USA


Partly Cloudy
71 °F
Wind: 8 MPH
Humidity: 1 %
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I saw this page at MyTownPlanner's Website, the Jacksonville Florida Metro's Community Calendar and Resource site, and thought you'd find it interesteding.

74th Annual Opening of the Beaches Parade - https://mytownplanner.com/events/74th-annual-opening-of-the-beaches-parade/